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Kennel Black Legion was found by me not so far ago, but the idea of it is far older.

In 80’ during my visit in Moscow I saw on the street a dog which had a very interesting appearance. I had a big knowledge about dogs, I had passed a course for dog’s judge but still I couldn’t recognize the dog’s race. The owner of the dog presented a completely new race which was just rising between the cynologists. The dog impressed me with its appearance but also with his calm and good behavior. These pieces of character made even a bigger impression on me than dog’s appearance. My impression was so big that I wanted to have such a dog. Unfortunately, buying a puppy and taking it to Poland from Russia was impossible. I searched through all my contacts and friends in Russia to find a Black Russian Terrier kennel. Luckily for me, I had a bull terrier kennel then and owner of BRT kennel was searching for a bull terrier. After a lot of difficulties I reached my goal and became an owner of my first BRT. My second adventure with BRTs started when I saw a very beautiful dog on a dogs’ exhibition. The dog was Arbat Bahrai, which later won World Dog Show 2008 in Stockholm. He made me as impressed as the dog which I saw then in Moscow. I started searching kennels and thanks to my friends I found a kennel from Lithuania and I bought from there a wonderful dog named Dargas which has got an amazing character. Thanks to Dargas I had an idea of beginning a kennel and later I made my idea true.

This is a short story of how Black Legion kennel was found.